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High quality and high resilience soybean oil based Ecologix foam foundation with a density rating superior to 2.3 lbs / cu ft.
Certified CertiPUR and Oekö Tex Class 1, which is the most demanding accreditation in the world in regards to health standards. Certified by CENTEXBELL Laboratory exempt from biocell interaction and heavy metals in order to avoid any ecotoxicological risk.
Made out of HR foam, viscose foam and the innovative high elasticity Eucafeel foam, this mattress absorbes much of the shock waves induced by any movement and allows you to enjoy a high degree of movement independence.

The high resilience of this mattress will allow it to better retain its shape in the long-term in addition to minimizing it’s loss of compression (firmness) with use. The open cell structure of the foam used in the foundation of this mattress has a comfort rating of 3, ensuring a perfect match to the top latex layer (In comparison, the vast majority of conventional foams use a rating of 2).

This 11-inch (28 cm) thick mattress has the ability to provide comfort to both the lighter and heavier areas of the body while maintaining a snug fit around the entire body.

The mattress is covered with a silky Aerosoft fabric to minimize and efficiently dissipate body heat.

Ideal for sleepers that share a bed with somebody of a very different weight, suffer from involuntary agitation while they sleep or simply enjoy a high degree of movement independence.

Total Height (approx.):    11 po ou 28 cm.
Warranty:    20 years * 
Firmness: Semi-firm on firm or semi base, depending on the client’s preference

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