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Your sleep. Your mattress.

Do not go with chain-made mattresses, now that you can enjoy a tailor-made sleep.


In dimensions

Whether for an antique bed, a boat, or a recreational vehicle, get a mattress specially designed to your dimensions.


In comfort

When you visit the factory store, take advantage of an on-site adjustment service to find your optimal comfort.


Option +

Your weight shouldn’t dictate what kind of mattress you need. You have the right to demand a mattress that fits to your comfort preferences. Therefore, we offer a range of the most robust components, to support the heavier weights.

High quality mattresses

Durable materials

Our materials are meticulously chosen, tested, and proven by our master quilters. Whether for their quality, their environment-friendly composition or their comfort properties, each aspect is analyzed according to a rigorous selection protocol.


Our foam has a superior quality for several reasons. They have a high density (more than 2.1 lbs/cubic feet), certified without fumes or volatile organic compounds, and based on soybean oil.


Our latexes are made of natural rubber. They are known for their durability and their antimicrobial and anti-mite properties.

Pocket coils

Our two ranges of pocket coils have three and five comfort zones. Their size does not exceed 834 springs, ensuring the robustness and durability of our product.


Our fabrics are chosen according to the quality of their fiber and their impact on health and the environment. Among others, we are proud to offer you a GOTS certified organic cotton, as well as a Tencel approved fabric.

Industry-Recognized Certification

Our products are certified by independent organizations. These certifications are recognized internationally and are part of a concern to offer products good for health and the environment.

Proven Expertise

Our knowledge is based on more than thirty years of experience, as manufacturers. We can offer you fair and authentic advice in the choice of your mattress or in the execution of a personalized project.

Local Design and Manufacturing

All our mattresses are designed and manufactured right here at our factory store in Montreal. This is what allows us to offer you a custom service, and to ensure more rigorous quality control.

Delivery options

Discover our three delivery services, according to your needs.


Home delivery by appointment

Because we know that your time is precious, we can offer you a time slot of two hours, to let you go about your business.


Land delivery outside territory

We operate with subcontractors, to send your products, wherever you are.


Pick up at our warehouse

We can give you a hand to load your order, on board your vehicle, if its interior allows it.

We can also install your mattress and its accessories (bases and headboards, adjustable beds, etc.). Charges apply.

45-day comfort guarantee

Download the PDF to see the terms of our 45-day comfort guarantee.

Manufacturer guarantee

Download the PDF to see the terms of our manufacturer's guarantee.

Échanges et retours

Téléchargez le PDF pour accéder à notre politique d'échanges et retours.

Optimize the life of your mattress and sign up for our mattress rotation reminder service, free of charge.

To maximize the longevity of your mattress, be sure to rotate it quarterly. Take advantage of our free callback service by submitting a request on our Contact page. We will notify you by e-mail.

Reversible mattresses

Start with a head-to-foot roll. Next quarter turn it up/down. Alternate the two types of rotation each quarter.

Non-reversible mattresses

Each quarter do a head-to-foot rotation.

Do you have some questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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