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Soybean foam mattress with a density rating superior to 2.2 lbs / cu ft. The foam is certified CertiPUR and Oekö Tex Class 1, which are some of the most demanding accreditation in the world in regards to health standards and certified by CENTEXBELL Laboratory exempt from biocell interaction and heavy metals in order to avoid any ecotoxicological risk.

The resilience of this mattress ensures that it will preserve its shape over time and will minimize the lost in compression (firmness) with use. The open cell structure of the foam used in the foundation of this mattress has a comfort rating of 3, in comparison to the vast majority of conventional foams that use a rating of 2.

This mattress provides enough firmness to maintain the ideal sleeping form. Conceived with semi-firm cervical and lumbar support this mattress is ideal for permanent use by an adult or a child. The mattress is upholstered in a polyester cotton blend fabric.
Total Height (approx.):  6.5-inches or 17 cm
Warranty: 10 years*
Firmness: From soft to semi-firm, depending of the preference of the client

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